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For the applicant

Finnish applicants with completed comprehensive school studies

There is no separate entrance examination. After registering on applicants are selected on their school leaving reports with Finnish, English and Mathematics grades multiplied by two.

Application from abroad

The applicant must register on to be eligible for the interview, which is conducted online. The details and regulations for the possible examination of Mathematics are sent to the email addresses entered upon registration. In the cases of foreign applications, the latest school reports are not submitted to Gaudia until the school requests them.

So far, Gaudia school does not require a foreign student to be accompanied by a custodian. However, insurance policies applicable in Finland are worth knowing for the avoidance of for example medical costs.

Gaudia IB-school does not provide accommodation but the applicant must make all the required housing arrangements.

More information on Finnish insurance policies can be found in this link:

It is also possible to apply straight for the 1st diploma programme year provided that the applicant has turned 17 by the time of application and completed studies equivalent of the 1st year of the Finnish upper secondary school. In such a case, the applicant does not register on but instead contact the ib-coordinator for eligibility and the required entrance arrangements. It is recommended that contact be made with the ib-coordinator the previous spring prior to the intended start of the studies.

Gaudia’s IB-presentation materials can be found here.

If you are interested in our IB-programme but you live abroad you can contact Gaudia’s IB-coordinator Sami Sorvali (mobile: +358 44 4163064 or for further instructions.