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IB-coordinator, guidance councellor and IB-staff

The IB-coordinator  sees to that the Diploma Programme programme is duly completed in accordance with the IB regulations. The IB-coordinator also registers the students for the final exams and oversees as well as coordinates the arrangements of the Final Exams so that the facilities and procedures are in keeping with  the IB requirements. In general, the IB-coordinator is a liaison between the school and the IB organisation.
A student wishing to change a subject level or a subject altogether must approach the IB-coordinator for such purposes. Such a change must be made by the end of the 2nd period of the IB1 year.  Unless in class, the IB coordinator is accessible at all times, either in the office or through mobile devices.
The guidance counsellor’s responsibility is to advise and oversee the national level students’ subject choices and progress  in general. The guidance councellor’s role is significant for the new IB Pre-Year students since they first pick subjects from the national selection. The Guidance Councellor introduces the IB students to options and application for further studies in higher education. If you wish to talk to the guidance counsellor a scheduled appointment is always recommendable. For quick questions, however, a student does not need to reserve an appointment. Discussions with the guidance counsellor are confidential. Parents or guardians may also contact the guidance counsellor if they wish to discuss a student’s future studies.


Gaudia IB-staff with contact info

Sami Sorvali, IB Coordinator: English A Language and Literature,

Henna Piitulainen, Guidance Counsellor,

Hanna Räikkönen: Finnish A Literature,

Petra Lonka: English B,

Liisa Seppälä: Spanish ab initio,

Juho Saksholm: Economics,

Sami Salo: History,

Piia Lemmetty: Environmental Systems & Societies (ESS) & CAS,

Hanna Alhonmäki: Biology & CAS,

Juha Kapulainen: Chemistry,

Hannu Oinonen: Physics,

Henry Koivula: Mathematics

Terttu Malinen: Mathematics & TOK,

Kari Malinen: Visual arts,