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IB-subjects at Gaudia

A Diploma Programme student must choose six subjects, three of which are studied in higher level (HL) and the other three in standard level (SL). The subjects are picked from six subject groups (see below), basically one from each. Three choices are compulsory: First language from Group 1, another language from Group 1 or 2 but one language choice must be English. Then, an option of Mathematics from Group 5 must be picked. A Finnish student with completed studies in mother tongue in a Finnish comprehensive school must study Finnish A literature in the diploma programme. Other than that, there are some options to language studies. A student can have, with the GPA from the pre-year allowing, two language A’s. Then another choice from group 2 is not necessary. Also a 3-language combination is possible with Spanish ab initio as an addition. Three languages may be chosen by a student with journalism or literature studies in higher education. A student aiming at Medicine can choose all the three sciences from group 4, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. That is when there does not have to be a choice from group 3. The student can decide the levels of choices (HL’s and SL’s).

If a student intends to study fewer than the three above mentioned sciences, a choice from group 3 must be made.

A 7th subject is possible but then the student must name the six ones that contribute to the diploma. The 7th subjects remains an additional subject.

Any change of DP -subject must be made by 15. November of the 1st DP-year.

In addition, every student takes a Theory of Knowledge-course (TOK), participates in Creativity, Activity and Service-programmme (CAS) and writes an Extended Essay, which is comparable to a master’s thesis in universities. IB-students do not take the national matriculation exam. Instead, they take the written final examination at the end of their IB studies in the 2nd spring term. The final examination session is preceded by the mock-exam period that simulates the Final session. Mocks typically take place in early March.


Available Diploma Programme subjects at Gaudia:

Group 1 : Finnish literature A HL/SL, English A Lang. and Lit. HL/SL, self-taught language A (only SL)

Group 2: English B HL/SL, Spanish ab initio (only SL)

Group 3: History HL/SL, Economics HL/SL, ESS = Environmental Systems and Societes  (only SL)

Group 4: Biology HL/SL, Chemistry HL/SL, Physics HL/SL , ESS (only SL)

Group 5: Mathematics: applications and interpretation or  analysis and approaches HL/SL

Group 6: Visual Arts (only SL) or alternatively another subject from group 3 or 4